Hosted Telephony

To offer the best functionality and cost to our customers we specialise in hosted telephony. This essentially means we run your phone system through one of our premium routers, this means we can cut down the number of phone lines your business requires and thus make you a saving on this part.

Hosted telephony comes with excellent features including caller ID, call recording etc, with our systems you will only pay for the features you want, meaning we can keep it as simple as possible for you.

Hosted systems are the future of telecoms, why continue to use old technology on such an important part of your business? We can often upgrade your entire system to hosted, upgrade your physical handset’s and improve your lines and calls rates all within what you are currently spending on a monthly basis to your telephony.

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Lines & Call Packages

Easy to understand line and call packages with call routing options.

Hosted Telephony

Rather than invest in your own premise-based phone system, your business can utilise our platform that is hosted in the cloud. Hosted systems offer a selection of benefits including flexibility over users, full mobile integration and a reduction in your calls charges.

Exceptional Features To Suit Your Business

• Caller ID
• Click to Dial
• Call Recording
• Auto Dialler
• Voicemail to Email
• Wallboards and Reporting
• On hold Marketing/Music and auto attendant
• Siphone App

Wide Range Of Physical Handsets

We have teamed up with cisco and polycom to ensure we have handsets to suit any business and its needs. Whether you are a one-person sole trader or a large incorporated company we can provide you with your telephony needs.

24/7 Support Training

With our team of experienced engineers if you do experience a problem or you have a query about how to get the best out of your new phone system then we always have someone on hand to help you. We will offer full training to staff with any new phone system.


Broadband access is now an integral part of any business, we can provide all of your broadband needs and incorporate your telephony and broadband charges all on one bill. Where possible we will upgrade your broadband to Fibre.

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Exceptional Features To Suit Your Business:

Caller ID

Allows you to see the caller’s name before you answer the call, ideal if you wish to change your approach when answering calls from specific customers.

Call Recording

This comes as standard with all our hosted systems, excellent if you need to confirm what was said on the calls. Ideal if you review calls with your staff to improve quality, also essential for many industries as regulators wish for companies to have a record of all calls.

Auto Dialler

Automated diallers, ideal for call and contact centres. You can arrange a batch of data to run through auto diallers, meaning it will automatically call out and assign to an available agent.

On Hold Marketing/Music & Auto Attendant

Inform your customers of your latest deals, special offers or general business information whilst they are waiting for an employee to answer their call. Auto Attendants are becoming more and more popular, it allows the system to direct the call to the relevant department, this saves time and ensures the customer journey is as seamless as possible.

Click To Dial

Useful feature that allows you to dial directly from your computer, this saves time when calling large volumes of outbound’s, it also removes the human error aspect of dialling numbers.

Voicemail To Email

Missed Voice mails quite often means missed business, this fantastic feature will immediately stop this problem. When a voice mail is left your designated staff will all be Emailed automatically from the system. You can then listen to the VM through your email and action accordingly.

Wallboards & Reporting

Full reporting dashboard, allows you to monitor your staff’s productivity, giving you information ranging from total number of calls to how long each agent has been sat idle in a day.

SiPhone App

If you are out of the office with this easy app you can set up your mobile to be an extension of your phone system. All calls made through the app will be routed through your phone system, meaning your customers will see the office numbers being displayed. It can also save you on large mobile phone charges, all calls made through SiPhone will be billed at your normal rates applied to your hosted phone system (which is far cheaper than mobile tariff rates).

This app also works if you are abroad, meaning you can make and take any business call via your mobile and you won’t get stung for foreign call rates. All you need is a Wifi connection and you can make use of this excellent benefit.