Merchant Services

Payment Acceptance

Our products make it easy to accept all payment types including contactless, apple pay, credit and debit cards. Whether its face to face, over the phone or online payments that you use, CCT can provide a solution for each.

With over 5.4 million businesses in the UK it is no surprise that the need for reliable, simple payment services has increased dramatically. On top of this the usage of older methods of payments like Cheques are decreasing year on year. It is clear customers and businesses want easier, quicker payment methods, by using CCT Merchant services you will be guaranteed the best options on the market

In order to make the most out of every customer interaction it is becoming more and more important for businesses to accept a wide range of cards, at CCT we can accept payments from all the main card providers.

• MasterCard and Visa
• American Express (AMEX)
• Diners Club Card
• UnionPay International
• Apple Pay

PCI Compliance

We take charge of your payment data, ensuring your customers details are securely stored. We offer free PCI compliance for the first six months, giving you plenty of time to ensure your business is PCI compliant which in turns allow you access to cheaper PCI rates.

All The Latest Terminals

All of our customers benefit from a wide selection of the newest terminals on the market, all come with contactless technology making it easier for your customers to pay.

We provide a wide range of terminals from tow of the main manufactures, Ingenico and Spire. All of our terminals are coloured, contactless and allow you to take the full range of payments

Static terminals
These are ideal if you don’t need the added function of having a mobile terminal, for example if your customers pay you at a till these will probably suit your needs

Walk around
These very popular models allow you to take the card machine to your customers, whether its via a Bluetooth connection or GPRS. We have many traders use our GPRS terminals for events such as shows and trade exhibits, meaning you never need to miss out on a sale.

Fast Payment Settlement

With CCT you will receive your funds within 72 hours of processing from your customer. This helps you to track cash flow and ensure you’re not waiting longer than necessary to receive your money.

Easy to understand line and call packages with call routing options.

Online Payments

We can provide E-commerce solutions for your business, allowing you customers to make payments online. Our Ecommerce solutions are easy to integrate with your current services.

We understand that businesses need to give their customers choice and convenience, especially when it comes to making payments. This can include allowing customers to pay online, whether it be via your website or over the phone.

Our integrated solution offers a seamless process ensuring your customers get the best possible choice of options, this is all set up and installed by our trained engineers meaning you get all the benefits from the start.

Our online solutions are secured through our SSL certificate and PCI DSS compliance, this ensures that your customers and your business are protected from online fraud.

Excellent Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our customer’s journeys, with CCT if you ever have a problem with one our terminals we will make sure to fix the issue over the phone, if this is not achievable we have a team of engineers that are happy to visit your premises and rectify any issues 7 days a week.

Complete Visibility

The added bonus of choosing CCT for your merchant service’s means you will gain access to our bespoke, user friendly online portal. This gives you instant access to a wide variety of reports which better shows you how your business is performing.

At CCT we think it is important for business owners to have immediate access to how their business is performing. With this in mind we offer access to a bespoke portal for all of our clients which allows you to view;

• All transactions in real time
• Excellent for businesses with multiple sites – quick and easy to view how your individual sites are performing against the businesses other outlets.
• Monthly reporting- Allows you to collate all the information on your previous months trading.

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